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Welcome To CSS Healthcare Services

CSS Healthcare Services is an organization that provides Personal Care and Support, Skilled Nursing, and Community based services. CSS Healthcare Services began providing services to the metro-Atlanta area and surrounding counties in 1997. The agency is licensed by the State of Georgia to provide community based healthcare services for the young, the elderly and those with developmental disabilities. Services are rendered by Certified Nursing Assistants who are supervised by experienced Registered Nurses and other support professionals. Skilled nursing services are provided by our RNs and LPNs.

CSS Mission

CSS Healthcare Services provides in-home and out of home health services for the young, elderly, and the mentally challenged individuals. The organization is dedicated to health, welfare, and safety of persons served while providing them with choices and the opportunity to live in a safe and secure environment, participate in community activities, and cared for by trained and devoted caregivers.


What People Say About Us

From Diana

I want it known to CSS Healthcare about this person's integrity, concerns above and beyond, honesty, commitment, professionalism and strong willed spirit. If I keep writing about this special soul it would the whole page, maybe two.

When a person's character is built on a spiritual and moral foundation, their contagious ways of life will influence all they encounter, she is truly an asset to your company. No obstacle can stand in her way. I thank you so very much, John, for sending someone like her into my life. You have known me since 2003, good and bad times, and you did it this time, you over exceeded my expectations when you sent Margaret to me as a caregiver. She is spirit sent in by "God Almighty"! I give Margaret, John and the entire CSS staff 5 stars!

Sincerely & Truly,

From Milagros

Re: Shamica

My name is Milagros and this letter is to let you know that my mother Iida and myself sincerely appreciate the time Mrs. Shamica has spent this year taking care of my mother She has been very helpful. I especially appreciate her quality time and honesty that she shows to my mother and myself, with love and respect. I thank your organization to take the time in sending the best of your caregivers to work with my mother. Mrs. Shamica has also been supportive with me in this hard time for me. We enjoy her company, my mother loves her very much and we hope that she will continue helping my mother in this difficult situation. I will recommend her to any other family in need. If you ask me from a scale 1 to 10 what number we will say 10 plus. Once again thank you so much. To taking the time to care and provide that best service for my mother. Our family wished to express our appreciation and gratitude for the kindess and excellent services that my mother receives always from Mrs. Shamica if you have any question, please contact me.

Sincerely Milagros

From Toshia

To All,

I am writing this letter as testament to the wonderful job that Shamica does with my mother's personal care. This is indeed one of the most personal roles one can play in someone's life and what we as clients want to see are "dependability and a gentle hand".

When I think of Shamica the word dependability immediately comes to mind she literally embodies this word and my family and I are grateful.

She's flexible and can make critical decisions with ease because she has built suck a personal relationship with my mother. She knows my mother and treats her as if she is her own mother.

I can't say enough about the peace of mind that she provides my family with as it relates to her caring for my mother. We know that is Shamica is there my mother is going to get the highest level of genuine care one could expect.

Quite frankly, she is very much a part of our core family.

We want to give her the highest of accolades for the hard, dependable work that she always provides and we would recommend her services to any family.

Truly yours,

From James

From James,

I am writing this letter to comment the hob that shamica that has done working with my brother Mark. Shamica as always gone above and beyond the call of duty when it comes to doing her job. I am Mark's younger brother and live out of state. It has been very comforting to me to know that Shamica has been there for Mark and my family. She has gone well beyond just performing task that are expected, she has worked hard with the family to develop a plan to help Mark live as independently and happily as possible.

Shamica keeps our family well-informed and works hard to coordinate and implement Mark's individual service plan. She stays in regular communication with me, although I live out of state, to ensure that Mark's needs are met. She has been able to draw Mark out of his shell and teach him how to better communicate with people. Shamica has helped coordinate Mark's numerous appointments and stays in constant contact with his workshop.

When I say beyond the call of duty, I truly mean it in regards to Shamica. When my mother had to go to the hospital and was dying last year, Shamica went out of her way to make sure that Marks was taken care of in the ensuing shuffle. When I looked around at my mom's funeral service many mile from Atlanta, there was Shamica sitting in the back of the chapel showing Mark and our family that she cared. When my older brother Patrick, who has his own medical issues and lives with Mark, got very ill, Shamica ignored her own family, drove Pat to the emergency room at Emory and stayed with him until he was admitted many hours later – all while keeping Mark in the loop.

Shamica has thought out activities for Mark and sometime will send me text picture of Mark enjoying himself. This means a lot to me as Mark's younger brother, especially since my parents dies. Without someone like Shamica, I don't think Mark could live nearly as independently as he has been able to. I try to get home once a month and check on things and always finds thing in good working order. In summary, on a scale of 1 to 10 Shamica sets the standard as a 10 in my book.


From Tasha

I just want to say that my mother is given excellent care by her caregivers Shamika in the AM and Norma in the evening we love them!!


From Catherine

You all have provided the very best in care for our mother. I smile each and every day because your company has become and extension of our family. God Bless!

From Catherine

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