This agency maintains separate written records for each CAREGIVER. It is the Caregiver’s responsibility to ensure that the information in their file is kept current and any changes to their identifying information, such as address changes, telephone number, etc. must be updated in the office. In addition, other pertinent information, such as TB records and CRC, according to the Rehire Policy, must remain current in the file.  The agency requires this information to be contained in the Caregiver’s file. Checks shall be mailed to the address on record if you do not notify us of an address change in a timely manner. Once the check leaves our office, we, CSS, shall not be held accountable, a stop check instruction attracts a fee of $29 by the bank.



All Caregivers must truthfully report and supply all information on the Employment Application, as it relates to criminal record history or law violations. Also, if they have been arrested in connection with any misconduct involving a recipient under your care, nor has there ever been shown by credible evidence such as court or jury, a department investigation, or other reliable evidence that you have abused, neglected, sexually assaulted, exploited or deprived any person or to have subjected any person to serious injury as a result of intentional or grossly negligent misconduct. In addition, Caregivers must ensure that they have not made any material false statement in their employment applications, concerning qualification requirements, including any document presented, experience or training. Discovery of false information on application at any time may be grounds for dismissal.