CSS Healthcare Services provides equal employment opportunities (EEO) to all employees and applicants for employment without regard to race, color, religion, gender, sexual orientation, national origin, age, disability, marital status, amnesty, or status as a covered veteran in accordance with applicable federal, state, and local laws. CSS Healthcare Services complies with applicable state and local laws governing non-discrimination in employment in every location in which the organization has facilities. This policy applies to all terms and conditions of employment, including, but not limited to, hiring, placement, promotion, termination, layoff, recall, transfers, leave of absence, compensation, and training.

CSS Healthcare Services expressly prohibits any form of unlawful employee harassment based on race, color, religion, gender, sexual orientation, national origin, age, disability, or veteran status. Improper interference with the employee’s ability to perform their expected job duties based on their race, color, religion, gender, sexual orientation,  national origin, age, disability, or veteran status is absolutely not tolerated and can result in disciplinary action and/or termination.


In order to deliver the highest quality of performance, which CSS Healthcare Services guarantees to our clients, we ask that you carefully read and understand the following protocol. Please do not hesitate to ask any questions you may have. It is important that you clearly understand what CSS Healthcare Services expects from you as an employee:


I will be on time since I realize punctuality is expected by the client and is an essential part of CSS Healthcare Services performance standard. Whenever possible, I will arrive a few minutes early.


I will not accept an assignment unless I can commit to remain on the assignment for its full expected duration.


In order for us to provide the required level of service to our customers, I agree that should I accept an assignment from CSS Healthcare Services, and if I am unable to complete that assignment for any reason, I will give CSS enough time as the scheduler may request, to find a replacement. Unless in a proven emergency.


I will always notify CSS (24-hour message service) in case of emergency, illness, or tardiness that could affect my attendance during my assignment. It is not sufficient to only inform the client of these situations since CSS is my employer


I will notify CSS Healthcare immediately of any changes in my address, email, phone number, or availability when not on assignment. This will help to keep your information up to date.


I will timely reply by email to all email communications received from CSS Healthcare.


I will assume the responsibility of turning in my time sheet (s) that must be signed by an authorized individual and I understand that falsification of hours or forgery of a signature on a time sheet could be a criminal offense, punishable by law, and may result in dismissal from CSS healthcare. I understand the CSS Healthcare must approve all overtime hours, where applicable.


All Caregivers should maintain a professional appearance, (scrubs, uniform, etc.,) as well as wearing their ID badge at all times.


I understand that I am prohibited from becoming employed by, or receiving compensation from a client of CSS if I was assigned to provide services to said client by the company within twelve months of accepting the offer of employment or compensation. I further understand that failure to abide by this policy will result in my responsibility for payment of a service establishment cost of $1000 to CSS Healthcare Services


I understand that any BREACH of this agreement will result in any of the following actions:

              1. Written warning and copy placed on file
              2. Dismissal
              3. Legal action by CSS healthcare.




Care Partners who are W2 employees should not decline assignments, except in a situation where the employee is already on an assignment for CSS, or in a situation of verifiable personal emergency or extenuating circumstances. When a Care Partner declines assignments two consecutive times without an acceptable reason as described above, the Care Partner will be deemed to have abandoned their position with the Company and their employment will be automatically terminated.



In exchange for employment or continued employment with CSS Healthcare (herein after referred to as the Company) the Employee agrees that during the Employee’s term of employment and for a period of 12 months from the date that Employee is no longer employed by the Company, Employee shall refrain from soliciting, or attempting to solicit, directly or by assisting others, any business from any of the Company’s clients, including actively seeking prospective clients, with whom the employee had material contact during his or her employment with the Company for purposes of providing products or services that are competitive with those provided by the Company’s business. This restriction with respect to Services applies to: (1) the Company’s clients, including actively sought prospective clients with whom the Employee had material contact; and (2) those products or services that are competitive with those provided by the Company’s business. This restriction also applies to assisting any employer or other third party.

In exchange for employment or continued employment, the Employee agrees that during the Employee’s term of employment and for a period of 12 months from the date that Employee is no longer employed by the Company, Employee shall not take any actions to directly recruit or assist Employee’s successor employer or any other entity in recruiting any other employee who works for or is affiliated with the Company. This includes, but is not limited to: (a) identifying to such successor employer or its agents or such other entity the person or persons who have special knowledge concerning the Company’s processes, services, methods or confidential affairs; and (b) commenting to the successor employer or its agents or such other entity about the quantity of work, quality of work, special knowledge, or personal characteristics of any person who is still employed at the Company. Employee also agrees that Employee will not provide such information set forth in (a) and (b) above to a prospective employer during interviews preceding possible employment.

Employee agrees that the violation of any covenant contained in this provision may cause immediate and irreparable harm to the Company. If Employee violates any covenant contained in this Agreement, the Employee shall pay to the Company liquidated damages of no less than $1000 plus the Company’s attorney’s fees and costs incurred as a result of the Employee’s breach. The Company shall have the right to equitable relief by injunction or otherwise, in addition to all other rights and remedies afforded by law.



  1. All timesheets are due NO later than 12 midnight on Mondays for processing. Timesheets received after the deadline will not be processed until the following pay period.
  2. Payday is every other Friday.
  3. Any timesheets missing information (i.e., client’s signature and/or initials, arrival and/or departure times, etc.,) will not be processed.
  4. Timesheets must be completed in black or blue ink only. Any timesheets completed in other colors will not be processed.
  5. If you fax your timesheets in, please call to verify that they were received. Missing documents or incomplete paperwork will not be processed. All original documents are due at the end of the month.  The yellow carbon copy of the Aide Weekly Visit record should be left in the CSS Healthcare home folder. Failure to submit originals will result in a loss of faxing privileges, meaning that you must bring the original in every pay period, to be processed.
  6. Timesheets, progress notes and Aide Weekly Visit Records (whether faxed, emailed, or photocopied) must meet State required legibility standards and must be a true and unaltered copy of the entire page. Failure to meet these standards will result in non-acceptance of documentation and may delay payment.
  7. All caregivers are required to include their title when signing the Aide Weekly Report.
  8. Any notes/comments written must also be signed with a title.
  9. The Aide Weekly Report must include the client ID number.
  10. The client ID number should be provided on the client care plan when submitting it to the office.
  11. Any incomplete timesheets submitted will not be processed.
  12. The maximum amount of hours that a CAREGIVER is authorized to work in a given week is 40 hours, no exceptions.
  13. All Caregivers are responsible for completing their W4 tax forms, if applicable.
  14. If your Aide Weekly Visit Record does not match the care plan, your timesheets will not be processed until the corrections are made.
  15. If your Weekly Visit Record is missing any information, (including client ID#, signature, initials, aide’s signature and title, etc.,) we will not process your timesheet until all corrections have been completed.
  16. If your timesheet is received on Tuesday, it will be processed the following pay period, no exceptions.
  17. All caregivers are required to have at least eight (8) in-service hours by the middle of the year. Failure to complete the in-service hours will result in removal from direct deposit or mailing list. In which case, you have to come to the office to pick up your check.
  18. The comments section on the Aide Weekly Visit record form is for recording falls, incidents and/or any changes in the client’s health condition. You must sign your name and include your title.
  19. The client’s care plan is a plan of care that is developed by the intake RN during intake. The client/family develops a personalized plan of care, in which the Caregivers must follow. Caregivers should only complete the tasks that are assigned on the family care plan only and should only document those assigned tasks as well.  Failure to follow the care plan and document services will result in a delay in payment.
  20. No overtime is allowed or authorized, unless certain circumstances should occur, in which prior approval and authorization must be obtained from the Supervisor. Caregivers are not allowed to go over their scheduled hours, per week, unless it is authorized by the office, in writing.

*Please remember to include your title after you sign your name!



PSS DEPARTMENT CAREGIVERS – The starting pay shall be $8.00 per hour and move to $8.50 per hour after completing 2080 continuous hours of work with CSS Healthcare Services.

DD DEPARTMENT CAREGIVERS – The starting pay shall be $8.50 per hour and shall move to $9.00 after completing 2080 continuous hours of work with CSS Healthcare Services, except in special situations approved by the Administrator, based on the intensity of the case.

This is the 2080 Rule. Thereafter you will receive annual performance evaluation during which time you will be assessed on the following key performance points, among other things;

  1. Attendance/Tardiness/Call outs
  2. Client satisfaction
  3. Communication with the office
  4. Following Care Plan
  5. Timesheet accuracy

A satisfactory performance by care partner at the evaluation may result in pay increase after the second anniversary as W2 employee. A caregiver may be subject to a re-hire if they remain inactive for 6 months or more, provided that all credentials are updated accordingly. After one year of being inactive, a returning care partner may be re-hired at a prevailing new hire rate, applicable to the particular department.

No persons shall be paid mileage, unless the individual being served is receiving Community Access Individual services in his or her waiver. This shall be approved in the Individual Service Plan (ISP).



CSS Healthcare takes all reasonable steps to ensure that employees receive the correct amount of pay in each paycheck and that employees are paid promptly on the scheduled pay day.

 In the unlikely event that there is an error in the amount of pay, the employee should promptly bring the discrepancy to the attention of their Supervisor at CSS Healthcare, so that corrections can be made as quickly as possible. Any adjustment resulting in reimbursement shall be paid on the next pay date following the correction.



The law requires that that CSS Corp make certain deductions from every employee’s compensation. Amongst these are applicable Federal, State, and local county income taxes. CSS also must deduct Social Security taxes on each employee’s earnings up to a specified limit that is called the Social Security “wage base”. CSS Corp matches the amount of Social Security taxes paid by each employee. Also, eligible employees may voluntarily authorize deductions from their paychecks to cover the cost of any voluntary programs offered by the company, such as health insurance plan.

 Pay setoffs are pay deductions taken by CSS Corp, usually to help pay off a debt or obligation to CSS Corp. or others and will be made where applicable in compliance with Federal, State law or Court order.



An employee whose conduct, omissions, or disregard for company policy, guidelines or instructions results in financial loss, economic loss, or unplanned expense to CSS, shall be required to pay back such loss. This means that a recoupment will occur provided that the employee has previously received a written warning and/or a reminder that this action will be taken if a violation of this policy is repeated. Further violation of the policy may result in additional disciplinary action, including termination.



The work site for home care services rarely exposes a caregiver to hazardous environment. CSS provides competency training as well as information to ensure that care partners follow safety protocol when performing tasks. Nevertheless, workmen’s compensation coverage is available for persons injured while performing their duty. It should be noted that the purpose of worker’s comp coverage is not for an employee to gain monetarily as a result of an injury, instead; the policy covers only lost wages if the doctor determines that the individual will not be able to return to work for a certain number of days. Your missed pay is what you are generally compensated for during this period.



Worker’s compensation fraud has serious consequences. Any claim that is not substantiated by the designated doctor after thorough examination, or a claim that comes from a previous injury, will not be accepted. Any intention or attempt by employee to initiate a false claim may result in the perpetrator being charged for felony, which may result in a prison term. 



 Unemployment insurance is for W-2 employees, who make contributions to this benefit. Therefore, all Independent contractors shall not be eligible for unemployment insurance that is filed with the Department of Labor, due to being 1099 employees, as independent contractors. Any pretense to receive benefits for which you are not qualified for shall be deemed fraudulent and subject to recovery of UI wages paid and a conviction with possible prison time.





*This particular section applies only to Independent Contractors receiving 1099 tax forms.


All caregivers where applicable (i.e. Host Home Providers) must review and sign their independent contractor agreement annually. CSS Healthcare as an agency does not guarantee work availability but can provide work opportunity only as client needs arise.



All Independent Contractors shall provide their own Worker’s Compensation insurance or Professional Liability insurance if needed. CSS Healthcare Services does not carry nor offer Worker’s Compensation coverage to Independent Contractors. The responsibility, therefore, rests on you, as an independent contractor, to obtain necessary coverage for work-related injuries. You may inquire about this with your insurance carrier.




 Former Caregivers that left the company in good standing may be considered for rehire. Caregivers who resigned without written notice or who were dismissed for disciplinary reasons may not be considered for rehire. A former CNA that is rehired will be considered new staff from the date of reemployment/rehire unless the break in service is less than 6 months. This means that such person will complete the rehire application package, which includes a background check and/ or Criminal Records Check (CRC), TB screening and resubmitting all credentials.



 All Caregivers are to contact the office IMMEDIATELY if any of the following should occur:

  1. If you report to work and the individual served is not home or the individual sends you home early.
  2. If you are running late to the individual served home.
  3. If there is a change in time or days other than what the office originally assigned to you.
  4. If you need time off from work; call the office AT LEAST 48 hours in advance. This will give us time to try and find a fill in.
  5. If the individual you serve has a fall, is taken to the hospital or returns from the hospital.
  6. If there are any changes in the individual’s condition, if the individual served moves or changes telephone numbers.
  7. If you have difficulty in rendering proper service and/or completing the assigned task for the individual that the office gave to you.

Note: Failure to abide by the above procedure may result in immediate re-assignment of your client (s) without any further warning when the omission is brought to the agency’s attention



 The primary purpose of Staff Performance Evaluations is to facilitate and assist the supervisor and staff member in discussing the level of performance associated with their job duties and responsibilities within the agency. The objective and goals of the Staff Performance Evaluation plan and process is to assess the job performance of the staff, while emphasizing on self-development and professional growth in their responsible job duties, and staff will be evaluated on an annual basis. The criteria that will be measured, along with competencies that will be evaluated, will be the following areas: house-keeping tasks, personal care, home management skills, attendance, tardiness, no-shows, individual’s complaints, professionalism and service assignment readiness. Be aware that goals shall be set during Annual Performance Evaluations and shall be tracked throughout the year.



 CSS has an open line of communication, and caregivers may speak to the following administrative employees with regard to any issues concerning the services they are providing:

PSS Department:

Off: 770-210-0631

Fax: 770210-0653

After Hours: 770-875-5410

Reason Contact Person
Medical or health-related issue or concern Director of Nursing
Medical or health-related issue or concern Nursing Department Supervisor
Timesheets, Documents, and Pay Staff Accountant and Billing & Records Coordinator
Complaints, Grievances, Client Care questions,  Trainings Client Care Manager
Frequency Changes and Fill-ins Staffing Coordinator


DD Department:

Office: 770-302-1383

Fax: 770-302-1387

After Hours: 770-875-5420

Reason Title
Medical or health-related issue or concern Director of Nursing
Medical or health-related issue or concern Nursing Department Supervisor
Supervisory Team General Manager

Program Manager

Compliance Coordinator

Behavior Support Specialist

Frequency Changes and Fill-ins Admin Support/Staffing Coordinator



All individuals who provide service to our clients are expected to:

Be focused on individual’s satisfaction.

*This is our highest priority*

Be responsive.

* Work to meet or exceed customer needs*


Be a team player.

*Work to meet or exceed customer needs*


Be respectful.

*Behave in a courteous and caring manner*


Be a good listener.

* Be open to understanding others and their needs*


Be accountable.

*Take responsibility for your open actions and behaviors do not blame others*


Maintain confidentiality.

*Keep sensitive patient information confidential*

Be professional.

*Do not discuss personal family problems with individuals served 




It is the requirement of CSS Healthcare Services that all caregivers and contractors providing services for or on behalf of the company must wear a CSS identification badge while on assignment. The badge is the property of CSS Healthcare Services and must be returned at any time if requested to do so, or upon leaving services of the company and prior to receiving the last pay check. If a badge is lost, the cost to replace it is $8 and this amount will be automatically deducted from the employee’s paycheck. In addition, all staff/caregiver must maintain a professional appearance at all times, which includes wearing the proper attire, such as scrubs, uniforms, etc., appropriate closed toe shoes, ID badge, etc.

Examples of an unprofessional appearance would be, but is not limited to, opened toe shoes, any clothing other than scrubs and tightly fitted clothing, hair in face, long nails, and excessive perfume.



 CSS Healthcare Services has a commitment to customer service excellence and overall customer services satisfaction. The population we serve are fragile and sometimes easily vulnerable, therefore, could be taken advantage of by certain persons who come in contact with them.  The following Code of Ethics has been established and should be understood and acknowledged by all staff under the direction of this agency. In pursuance of our customer service standards, staff, volunteers, and/or contracted individuals are prohibited from doing the following.  Violating any of these rules as listed below would be sufficient grounds for termination of employment relationship with CSS Healthcare Services.

  • Using the client’s automobile for your personal purposes at any time.
  • Consuming the client’s food or beverages.
  • Using the client’s telephone for personal calls and answering your cell phone while at the individual’s home. Please leave your phone on vibrate.
  • Discussing political, religious beliefs, and/or your personal problem(s) with the client. Keep your personal information to yourself.
  • Asking for or accepting gifts, financial gratuities (tips), and/or gas money from the client(s) family.
  • Borrowing or lending money or other items to and from the individual or their family.
  • Discussing your paycheck with client or their family.
  • Selling gifts, food and/or other items to and from the individual.
  • Purchasing items for the client (s) (Unless directed in the care plan).
  • Bringing other visitors (i.e. children, friends, relatives, spouses, pets, etc.) to the individual’s home.
    • This includes letting your ride wait for you while you are inside the home working.
  • Smoking in the individual’s home, with or without their permission or permission of the family.
  • Reporting for duty under the influence of alcoholic beverages or illegal substances.
  • Sleeping in the client’s home after your scheduled shift has ended.
  • Remaining in the individual’s home after the service has been rendered.
  • Leaving the individual’s home before the hours have been completed or changing the days or times without permission from the office.
  • Discussing pay rates, increase or change in hours you want and other job assignments you have with the client or their family.
  • Discussing negative information at any time with the individual about the Agency, the client’s previous aide, the individuals you have served in the past or the individual’s case manager.
  • Putting the individual or their family in your vehicle, unless you are directed to do so by the office.
  • Running errands for the client must be of a medical necessity only.

Non-adherence to the foregoing rules and regulations of CSS Healthcare will be grounds for disciplinary action including, but not limited to, warning, suspension or dismissal.



CSS Healthcare Services is committed to providing a safe environment and fostering the well-being and health of its staff. That commitment is jeopardized when any CSS Healthcare Services staff illegally uses drugs on or off the job, comes to work under the influence, possesses, distributes, or sells drugs in the workplace, or abuses alcohol on the job.

Therefore, CSS Healthcare Services has established the following procedures:

  1. It is a violation of company policy for any staff member to use, possess, sell, trade and offer to buy illegal drugs, or otherwise engage in the illegal use of drugs on or off the job.
  2. It is a violation of company policy for staff member to report to work under the influence of illegal drugs and with any detectable amount in his or her body, blood or urine.
  3. It is a violation of company policy for any staff to report to work under the influence of or impaired by alcohol.
  4. It is a violation of the company policy for any staff to use prescription drugs illegally (i.e. to use prescription drugs that have been legally obtained, or in a manner of for a purpose other than as prescribed). However, nothing in this policy precludes the appropriate use of legally prescribed medication.
  5. Any staff member whose conduct violates CSS Healthcare Services Substance Abuse Policy will be subject to disciplinary actions, and/or including termination.



 Any staff person who is under the influence of alcoholic beverages while on company business, or at any time during his or her scheduled shift, shall be guilty of misconduct, and will be subject to disciplinary action, including termination. The staff member shall be determined to be under the influence of alcohol if their normal functions are impaired, due to the consumption of alcohol. Failure to submit to a substance abuse test is considered misconduct and is subject to discipline and/or up to termination.



 CSS Healthcare Services has adopted appropriate substance abuse screening and testing practices used to identify staff members who use drugs on or off the job or who abuse alcohol on the job. It shall be a condition of employment for all CAREGIVER staff to submit to substance abuse testing if required to do so. In addition, CSS Healthcare Services serves the right to request CAREGIVER staff to take a substance abuse test; if there is reasonable suspicion to believe that the staff member is using illegal drugs or abusing alcohol.



 When a CAREGIVER has a complaint with the agency or direct supervisor, they must call the office at (770) 210-0631 and inform the Compliance Coordinator of your complaint or grievance. Complaints/grievances may also be made by telephone directly to the Administrator.