The following customer service standards are expected of our agency Caregivers when they provide services to consumers in their homes or in public:

  1. Greet others by making eye contact, smiling offering a friendly hello, and using names if known. Every encounter with an individual being served should be a pleasant one. If we fail to acknowledge the individuals we serve, we appear unfriendly and uncaring.
  2. Provide assistance to anyone who may appear to be confused or in need when they arrive in our facility. If possible, take the person where they are going or to someone who can help them.
  3. Assure confidentiality of individuals being served. Avoid speaking about individuals when in public places such as hallways, elevators and cafeterias. If it is necessary to talk about caring for the individual, do so privately.
  4. Avoid loud or boisterous conversation between co-workers. Work to minimize noise. 

Important point to remember: the individual being served is always right….meet all expectations…anticipate every individual’s need and wish…take ownership of every problem presented to you.



Our excellent Customer Service is a reflection of the quality of employees that we hire. We only hire employees who demonstrate motivation and commitment to providing quality care. It is also a reflection of the fact that every employee is held to a very high standard.

Customer Service emanates CSS Healthcare Services. Management is candid with staff about expectations regarding Customer Service. Staff must give immediate attention to the concerns of the individuals we serve. Staff must demonstrate appreciation for each other; adhere to established standards of care and operational procedures to name a few.

You are important to us and we commit to:

  • Demonstrate caring and excellence
  • Staff training and development to continuously improve our job performance
  • Maintain confidentiality of all information and to release information as requested and authorized by the individual being served or his or her representative
  • Maintain a culture of appreciation and respect for the skills of our staff so that they will, in turn, present to you an appreciative and respectful manner
  • Be sensitive to staff’s feelings of self-worth and self-esteem so that they will in turn be sensitive to your needs and
  • To maintain exceptional Customer Service



 The following are possible CAREGIVER major and minor violations and their consequences. If a CAREGIVER is found guilty of any of these violations CSS Healthcare Services will enforce the applicable punishment and in the case of any criminal conduct, prosecute the offenses to the fullest extent of the law and/or with state regulatory agencies.


Major Infractions

Violation Punishable By:
1. Abuse/Neglect (Allegations) Removal from assignment during  investigation
2. Abuse/Neglect (Substantiated) Dismissal
3.Theft Dismissal
4. Falsification of Time Sheets

– Forging client’s initials and/or signature

– Reporting time that was not actually worked

 – Submitting inaccurate time sheet for payment





5. No Call/No Show (First Time) Warning
6. No Call/No Show (More than two no shows) Suspension or Dismissal
7. Physical or verbal confrontation with the client Suspension or Dismissal At Management’s Discretion
8. Reporting for duty under the influence of alcoholic beverages of illegal substance Dismissal
9. Possession of illegal substances Dismissal
10. Client Abandonment

(2 consecutive days of reposting to work will be deemed client abandonment and it will be assumed a voluntary resignation on your part.)




Minor Infractions

Violation Punishable by:
11. Using the client’s automobile for your personal reasons  WARNING/Suspension
12. Using the client’s telephone for personal calls and answering your cell phone while at the client’s home WARNING/Suspension
13. Consuming the client’s food or beverages WARNING/Dismissal
14. Discussing political, religious beliefs, and/or personal problem with the client WARNING
15. Asking for or accepting gifts, financial gratuities (tips) or gas money from  the client or family members WARNING/Dismissal
16.Borrowing or lending money to the client or their family members WARNING/Dismissal
17.Selling or buying gifts, food or other items to clients or family members WARNING/Dismissal
18. Unless directed in the client’s care plan, purchasing items for the client WARNING
19. Bringing other visitors (i.e. children, friends, relatives, pets, and spouse) to the client’s home. This includes letting your ride wait for you in the client’s driveway throughout the duration of your shift. WARNING/Dismissal
20. Smoking in the client’s home WARNING/Suspension
21. Sleeping in the client’s home or remaining in the client’s home after the services have been rendered. WARNING/Suspension
22. Discussing your pay rate, increase or change in hours or other job assignments you have with the client or family members. WARNING/Dismissal
23. Having negative conversations with the client about the agency, past aides, your past client (s), or the client’s case manager. WARNING
24. Failure to call in upon arrival to work WARNING
25. Not reporting changes in client’s condition or hospitalization WARNING/Dismissal
26. Leaving client’s home before scheduled time WARNING/Dismissal
27. Not wearing the proper uniform: Scrubs and ID Badge WARNING
28. Frequent tardiness to assignment WARNING/Dismissal


*Two warnings will result in suspension or removal from work roster.*

*Note that Dismissal may occur without any warning when these rules are violated.*



 All Caregivers should be aware that absolutely NO solicitation and/or sale of goods at or on any client’s property, which includes both inside and outside of their home, will be allowed at any time, which includes before, during and after work hours. Failure to adhere to this rule shall result in



No Caregivers are allowed to accept any gifts from clients at any time, regardless if the gift is big or small, NO EXCEPTIONS! Failure to adhere to this rule shall result in disciplinary action, up to and including termination.



It is the policy of CSS Healthcare Services to compensate employees for successful performance of specific responsibilities in accordance with a fair evaluation of the duties of your position, and to pay fairly based on the funding available for the programs that we service. Therefore, every effort is made to keep pay rates competitive.

CSS acknowledges that employees, whose work resulted in overtime, will be paid time-and-a-half their hourly rate. However, due to limited funding for the program and strict adherence to services allocated, it is clear that overtime hours may not result, ordinarily. Overtime is intended to meet CSS emergency needs only, and in all circumstances must be authorized in advance by the General Manager. Failure to abide by this policy may result in withdrawal of employee from assignment and/or disciplinary action if repeated.